LANTVRN is a noisey rock band from California.

"I really dig DOOM and I really dig shoegaze, so when you put these together you get doomgaze and a sweet band like LANTVRN!" - (CVLTNATION.COM)

“Well deserving of your attention if you like downtempo/doom-y/riffs with melody. I’m calling S. Barrett meets Love & Rockets…” Eric Herzog . (MOAB)

“Grungy speedy messy fuktup psychedelic night mirror known as LANTVRN.” - Jon Payne (Los Angeles Times)

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  • Mixing in Frogtown, Ca. Into the night with “New Years Jam”. Thoughts: Take off the delays on the leads and add phaser and bring to the front, tape delay feedback and reamp it. More noise less production.

    LANTVRN LANTVRN LANTVRN 'Problem Of Diversity


    We just finished our online store in time for summer. Longtime friend and fellow artist Daniel Knowles has printed a limited 25 new “Problem Of Diversity” T-Shirts, Tank Tops, and Sweatshirts.

    We are raising funds for the Mastering of our upcoming LP “Swallow The Key” and all proceeds will be put towards the completion of the album.

    LANTVRN Online Store

    LANTVRN “Fanatic” Music Video 6.6.1013


    LANTVRN “Fanatic”
    Directed by Jeremy Wabiszczewicz

    Jeremy is known to many as the blazing guitar shredder behind early Daughters albums. He also directed the visuals for that band, before moving on to album/poster work for Hydra Head, the Locust, Some Girls, and a variety of abrasive underground acts from the past decade. He uses his ungodly animation/directing powers for huge Fortune 500 clients these days, but has been generous enough to accurately capture LANTVRN’s post-psychedelic occult riff-surfing in a visual manner that won’t easily be forgotten.

    FANATIC EP on Bandcamp

    "FANATIC" LANTVRN Music Video Coming Soon.





    “FANATIC” LANTVRN Music Video

    Directed by Jeremy Wabiszczewicz (Click on Jeremy’s Name To See His Art/Poster work) and Produced by Monsters In Disguise is nearly finished.  We just saw the first half and some stills from the final animations.  We are beyond stoked and also honored to have worked with such a great crew and director.  Jeremy used to work in graphic design and illustration and many of the old Hydrahead Records posters were his creations.  Now he’s directing commercials for Toyota and beyond.  Little known fact is that Wabiszczewicz also was one of the creators of the band DAUGHTERS.  Check back soon for the video.


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